Athlete of the MonthMarch

Abby Radabaugh

Career: High School Junior - Notre Dame Academy

Years at CrossFit Crowned: 1

"I love building up strength..."

What makes a great success story? Typically, when you look at those that exceed in anything in life it starts with not only a dedicated person, but also with someone who truly loves what they do. Abby Radabaugh is that person. She started with us almost a year ago looking for something to do as she headed into her Junior year at Notre Dame Academy. She knew CrossFit was going to do just that, but what she probably didn’t realize was that she would fall in love with it and become one of our most dedicated members…She was even able to talk the rest of her family in joining as well!!! Since day 1 Abby has shown an extreme willingness to better herself physically. She asks all kinds of questions about why we are doing what we do and how much weight she should lift. We love this about her. To be able to coach someone who is as coachable as Abby is something we truly look forward to doing. It’s why we love our jobs. Abby has a ton of potential and we look forward to being a part of her continued growth here at CrossFit Crowned.


Give Us Your Story: 
I had played volleyball since second grade including 7 years of travel volleyball at TVC and two years on the Junior Varsity team at NDA. After my sophomore year of high school I decided I was not enjoying the sport like I used to and wanted to move on and try new things. I immediately started doing yoga very regularly for a couple of weeks and also began playing CYO basketball for St. Joan of Arc. I decided to play softball that spring and once that was over I felt like I needed something to keep me active and more importantly get in better shape. My mom looked up gyms near our house and Crossfit Crowned was the first gym that popped up. She signed me up for beginner program and I’ve been coming ever since!
What CrossFit Means To You:
To me, CrossFit is almost like a hobby. It doesn’t feel like a chore to keep active and get in shape, but more of something I enjoy, look forward to everyday, and love to do that just happens to be extremely beneficial.
Advice For Someone New Or Considering Trying CrossFit:
If I were to give advice to someone new to Crossfit or considering trying it, I would immediately say do it! Especially here at CrossFit Crowned! The people most definitely are the best part. The coaches are so amazing, they will help you in any way they can, so do not worry about not getting the hang of it or being “bad” at it because you have to start somewhere. Also every single member at CrossFit Crowned is extremely kind and the most encouraging people I know! Nobody will ever judge you, but rather they will do their best to help you when need it!
What is your favorite movement in CrossFit:
I personally do not have a favorite! I love all aspects of Crossfit! I would say I do favor the weightlifting and gymnastics movements over the cardio movements. I love building up strength and getting higher PRs and improving my gymnastics movements although it does take time!

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