Athlete of the MonthNovember

Anthony Scott

Career: Pastor and High School Athletic Coach

Years at CrossFit Crowned: 1

"I was able to get insights on my diet, great feedback on movements, and encouragement to get better everyday"

November’s Athlete of the Month is Coach and Pastor, Anthony Scott.  An inspiration and friend to so many, Tony is proof that consistent exercise and a caring fitness community provide benefits beyond strength or weight loss.  He has overcome struggle, prioritized his health and wellbeing and uses his story to help others in need.  We are grateful to call Tony a Crowned Athlete and look forward to following his continued success both inside the box and throughout the community!  Congratulations Tony, you earn it every day!

Give Us Your Story:
I started CrossFit on the recommendation of a friend in 2019 just after the passing of my wife Diana. I was in horrible shape and in need to make a lifestyle change, I was feeling depressed all the time and experiencing significant weight gain. When I started, I was nervous and concerned if I could even do the movements. I went to my first class and I really enjoyed it (my body didn't) and I decided that this could be the thing I was looking for. I committed to the process, scaling workouts, listening to my coaches, and most importantly trusted the process. Over time I was able to get the results that I was looking for and I fell in love with the people and all that CrossFit represents. I was able to get insights on my diet, great feedback on movements, and encouragement to get better everyday. I started a weight loss journey that completely transformed my appearance. I was 370lbs when I started the journey and with help of CrossFit and diet choices, I was able to get to 225lbs and lose a total of 145lbs. Since the major weight loss, I have comfortably settled in at 250lbs, which is expected with muscle gains over the last year.
What CrossFit Means To You:
It means everything to me. It really helped me battle the depression I was facing and the self-esteem issues I had. I not only fell in love with the sport, but also the community.
Advice For Someone New Or Considering Trying CrossFit:
Consistency is key. You can scale the movements and weight to fit where you are. If you stay the course, you'll have the results you want. Trust the process and coaches.
What is your favorite movement in CrossFit:
Back squat, power cleans, and deadlifts

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