Athlete of the MonthMarch

Hannah Nowak

Career: CPA

Years at CrossFit Crowned: 3

"I can say without hesitation that joining CrossFit Crowned has been the best decision I could have ever made for my mental and physical health."

Hannah is our March Athlete of the Month! Hannah wasn’t just recognized for her hard work by the coaches, but members have agreed they can see the drive Hannah has shown not only in her workouts but her shift in attacking nutrition in the same way. Hannah is not one to shy away from telling you how she hates or loves a workout, might even throw a cuss word or two out before hand or during, but she still gives it her all.  This year you can see she is enjoying the process, ready to attack all weaknesses, and has a fire under her leading into the rest of the year!

Give Us Your Story: 
In my senior year of college I landed a desk job at a local public accounting firm and my high metabolism days came to a screeching halt. Combine that with my little-to-no background in fitness... a hot mess. I did not grow up as an athlete by any means, and the only way I managed to get by was staying “active” via waitressing since I was 15. Nearly 4 years (and 40 pounds) into my big girl job, Crossfit Crowned did an intro program with my firm where we learned nutrition basics and were introduced to wods and movements with private classes. A few colleagues/friends and I officially became members a few months later. I will say, I can’t remember falling in love with CrossFit instantly. I was extremely out of shape, had no idea how to take care of myself, had zero confidence, and quite frankly was embarrassed of myself each and every class. Fast forward to today and I have a completely different attitude towards the gym and my well being. Every day I look forward to 8pm to see tomorrow’s wod posted, so I can walk into the gym with confidence and a game plan. I can say without hesitation that joining CrossFit Crowned has been the best decision I could have ever made for my mental and physical health.
What CrossFit Means To You:
To me, CrossFit means challenging myself to do things I never imagined were possible. It means showing up for a running wod even though I absolutely loathe running. And it means knowing that even if the wod felt crappy, I’m still 1% better than I was yesterday. Most importantly, CrossFit means buying all of the shoes and CFC shirts I can financially afford. I will also echo all of the other AOTMs in saying that we have the absolute best community here at CFC. I will forever be grateful for the supportive coaches, friends, and gym mates that have held me accountable, kept me coming back in those very tough beginning months, and continue to keep me coming back to this day. Since day 1, they have all made me feel like I belong!
Advice For Someone New Or Considering Trying CrossFit:
You do not have to be gym savvy to do CrossFit. I knew nothing about weightlifting, form, or fitness in general when I joined (I honestly could barely get up off the ground from a burpee). But the coaches are second to none when it comes to pacing the wod, modifying movements, and coaching form for your personal needs. If you show up and work hard, you will 100% make progress!
What is your favorite movement in CrossFit:
Ring muscle ups, handstand walks, triple unders...... eventually. Until then, I’m loving power cleans, deadlifts, devils presses, and back squats

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