Athlete of the MonthDecember

Jamie Sheehan

Career: Manager at a residential rehab and full time Masters Student

Years at CrossFit Crowned: 3

"I can be supported and challenged to be a better version of myself"

Congratulations to Jamie, our Athlete of the Month for December!  For almost 4 years, Jamie has been putting in consistent work and reaching goals!  She lights up the gym with laughter and positive vibes, and gives every workout 100%.  Jamie also understands the importance of prioritizing her health, wellness and physical strength.  Even with a full-time job and working full-time on her masters degree, she makes time for herself, becoming stronger each day.  We are so proud to call Jamie a Crowned Athlete!

Give Us Your Story:
I graduated from BGSU in 2017 and played Rugby all throughout college. In my senior year of college I was informed I have SVT (a heart condition). So after graduating I needed to find something to do that I could still challenge myself and be competitive in, but monitor my heart rate as well. I have 6 sisters, and of the 6, three of them were also in CrossFit at the time and one is a coach out in California. She was a big influence on me taking the jump or sipping the Kool-Aid lol. She helped me research gyms in the area and find CrossFit Crowned. I reached out and started my intro classes with Mitch and ever since then I have been hooked. Since joining CrossFit Crowned I have made friends that have become like family, I have met a lot of goals (just a couple weeks ago I was able to complete my first kipping HSPU, or handstand push-up, which I've been trying for 3 years now), and I have amazing coaches that help me identify new achievable goals to work towards.
What CrossFit Means To You:
CrossFit means a place I can be supported and challenged to be a better version of myself every time I go in and out of the doors. Mentally and physically. CrossFit has allowed me to be myself without judgment and helped me with my body positivity.
Advice For Someone New Or Considering Trying CrossFit:
My advice for someone just starting would be to know that the best part about CrossFit is that it is for everyone! And the community is amazing and has become my second family. At the end of the day we are all doing the same workout to our own individual ability and pushing ourselves and cheering each other on through that. Don't worry about what you can do compared to others because soon enough you'll be there! It's your own journey we're all just here to have fun and cheer each other on while reaching our goals.
What is your favorite movement in CrossFit:
Back squats, double-unders and sandbag cleans

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