Athlete of the MonthApril

Jason Foote

Years at CrossFit Crowned: 6

"For me, CrossFit means balance."

Our Athlete of the Month for April is Jason Foote. Jason has been with us for 6 months. He started out in one of our new beginner programs along with 5 other people. From day 1 he jumped right into the program with an enthusiasm that was unmatched. Along with our previous athlete of the month, Jason has been so eager to learn and improve and is one of our most coachable members. He comes to the gym almost every day looking to improve his skills and his performance. You’ll always find Jason in the front of the gym, 15 minutes early for class, warming up before the warm up. Jason has a ton of energy and loves getting after it. We love seeing Jason in the gym and during our closure due to the Coronavirus has been an inspiration to the other members at our gym. He has been doing all of the at home workouts and has been very encouraging to our other members on our private Facebook group.

Give Us Your Story: 
I have always tried to stay active, which became more important as my work transitioned to a desk job and as I get older. Never being a true athlete, I dabble in various activities whether it be getting in a round of golf (preferably toting the bag), that one season of summer softball, or chasing my son around when he was a toddler. My workouts in my younger years consisted primarily of running, and I didn’t always have an appreciation for the role weight training played in reaching my goals. More recently, I explored some at-home HIIT programs, still my motivation waxed and waned as I struggled with monotony, consistent nutrition, and minor injuries. Having watched CrossFit from afar, I thought it was for top notch athletes and didn’t want to be the “beginner” in class. Then I saw CrossFit Crowned’s Ignite class, knew I needed a spark, and decided it was the perfect opportunity to dip my toes in. That was October and I haven’t looked back. My only regret is that there isn’t an 8th day in the week to fit in another hour with the coaches and athletes.
What CrossFit Means To You:
For me, CrossFit means balance. It balances getting stronger with building endurance. It balances my sedentary work life. It pushes me to balance my nutrition (I learned the hard way that a workout after fast food is regrettable). CrossFit is an outlet for the day’s problems and a source of self-confidence (that large audience presentation pales in comparison to snatches or box jumps). My day isn’t complete without finishing the WOD.
Advice For Someone New Or Considering Trying CrossFit:
My advice is to not give into all the preconceived notions out there. CrossFit is for anyone and judges no one. Great coaches, like at CrossFit Crowned, will modify or scale movements and workouts to fit your fitness level and meet YOUR goals. Get through that first week, realize it took that “pro” years to get to that level and that all of us are just there to better ourselves and encourage others to do the same.
What is your favorite movement in CrossFit:
urpees. Add in a box jump or make them Devil’s Presses and I’m there.

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