Athlete of the Month

June 2021

Steffon Thomass success story

Steffon Thomas

Steffon Thomas is our June Athlete of the Month! Steffon has impressed not just himself, but the coaches/members this past year with his all of his progress and consistency at the gym. Steffon is someone with a back story like many others, a nagging past ...

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May 2021

Caitlin Kings success story

Caitlin King

Caitlin King is our May AOTM! She has shown big determination this past year, especially these last few months attacking her weaknesses, working on nutrition, and even running!  You can tell she has some goals that she is chasing and is even "hating runn...

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April 2021

Paul Fuzinskis success story

Paul Fuzinski

Paul Fuzinski is our April Athlete of the Month! No it isn't an April fools joke! In all honesty Paul definitely brings a presence to the gym, he is a big guy who works extremely hard in every workout he shows up for. Its no question to see Paul as Athlet...

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March 2021

Hannah Nowaks success story

Hannah Nowak

Hannah is our March Athlete of the Month! Hannah wasn't just recognized for her hard work by the coaches, but members have agreed they can see the drive Hannah has shown not only in her workouts but her shift in attacking nutrition in the same way. Hannah...

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February 2021

Mikaela Bucks success story

Mikaela Buck

Mikaela is February Athlete of the Month! Well deserved and an easy decision with the hard work and progress she's been showing. Mikaela has been a very consistent hard working member since she decided to join the gym last spring. She never runs from a wo...

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January 2021

Ryan Bradleys success story

Ryan Bradley

Ryan is Januarys Athlete of the Month! Ryan has to travel all over the world being a Delta Pilot, that takes him to Japan, Amsterdam,Korea and everywhere in between. Even with jet lag, limited time and hotel gym space, Ryan always makes an effort to get t...

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September 2020

Rachael Phillipss success story

Rachael Phillips

This months Athlete of the Month is Rachael Phillips! She has been one of the most consistent members coming to class no matter what we throw at her! She always shows up (sometimes late) to class ready to get to work. Her hard work and dedication doesn’...

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June 2020

All Of Our Memberss success story

All Of Our Members

For our Athlete of the Month in June we would like to celebrate all of our members. In March of 2020 we were forced to close our doors due to the Coronavirus outbreak. During this time we were going through an ownership change and there was a lot of uncer...

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May 2020

Holly Matthewss success story

Holly Matthews

Holly has been a regular staple at our morning CrossFit classes for some time. She attends our classes 5-6 days a week and always has the most positive attitude when it comes to, not just CrossFit, but life as well. Holly works really hard in the gym and ...

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April 2020

Jason Footes success story

Jason Foote

Our Athlete of the Month for April is Jason Foote. Jason has been with us for 6 months. He started out in one of our new beginner programs along with 5 other people. From day 1 he jumped right into the program with an enthusiasm that was unmatched. Along ...

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March 2020

Abby Radabaughs success story

Abby Radabaugh

What makes a great success story? Typically, when you look at those that exceed in anything in life it starts with not only a dedicated person, but also with someone who truly loves what they do. Abby Radabaugh is that person. She started with us almost a...

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