Shane Bauman

Shane Bauman

Shane Bauman



Shane is a CF-L1 Coach.  Shane is married to his high school sweetheart Deanna, who he always refers to as his “Beautiful Bride”.  Deanna showed Shane to the Light of Christ many years ago and it changed his life.  Deanna and Shane share three very outgoing sons together, Reece, Brody, and Hudson.   

To Shane Coaching CrossFit is a little more rewarding than doing CrossFit.  He loves to work out hard but finds true reward Coaching our athletes.  

“There is nothing better than watching an athlete smash the negative talk in their head and take control of their workout.  Perseverance is awesome to witness.” – Shane

Matthew 5:16 is his favorite Bible Verse, if you ask Shane what it means he will tell you to look it up and read it.


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