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I had always been very active throughout my high school and college years. I enjoyed many sports and outdoor activities, but in what is a familiar story for many of us, I became much less active after I got married and began to focus on my family and building a life and home with my wife. After almost a decade a fairly sedentary lifestyle, I looked at some photos from a recent vacation, and didn’t recognize the person looking back at me. For the next serveral years I bounced around from one fitness routine to the next without much success. I would work hard for a few weeks and eventually fall off of whichever program I was currently trying.

In 2013 my wife had heard about Crossfit from a friend and suggested we try it together. I looked it up online, and I was pretty intimidated. When we showed up for our introduction classes; I found a welcoming community of regular people just like us. The beginning  was challenging, but fun. I loved the fact the workout could all be tailored to my current skill and fitness level as I began my Crossfit journey. Pretty soon I was able to start scaling the workouts less and all aspects of my fitness and lifestyle were improving. Crossfit felt very much like being involved with team sports again. The community and people around me were supportive and the coaches genuinely cared about my progress. The vast variety of exercises and skills to learn always keep things fresh and interesting. Crossfit was the first fitness program that keep me from getting bored and losing interest.
IN 2015 I wanted to take the next step and begin to help others find the joy and benefits I had found, so I got my CF Level 1.  I truly love working with our athletes. When an athlete achieves a goal that seemed impossible, it the best part of my day. Through Crossfit I found Olympic Weightlifting. I began competing as a masters athlete and was fairly successful. I got to compete at meets across the country, eventually qualifying for the Masters Pan Am Games. At this time I got my USAW Level 1 Coaching certification. I can not wait for weightlifting days when I can really spend some time breaking down the lifts, and focusing on them with our athletes.
Crossfit has completely changed my life, my outlook health and my relationships. I am able to participate in activities and sports now that I was unable to in my twenties. The people I have met have become some of my closest friends.


  • CF-L1
  • USAW L1

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