Mathew Wooddell

Career: Director of Casino Operations - Penn Gaming

Years at CrossFit Crowned: 2

"Crossfit Crowned is focused on building a community that supports its family."


Mathew Wooddell


Mathew Wooddell

Just over two years ago, a concerned friend/mentor of mine talked me into coming to a “bring a friend day” at Crossfit Crowned. At this point of my life, I was in extremely bad health physically. I was overweight, but most concerning was my blood pressure running on dangerous levels. I was terrified to even walk into the gym and the anxiety was overwhelming. I remember just going through some routine stretching and looking down at a puddle of sweat on the floor coming off my head, all from barely moving. Reality set in and I knew my lifestyle had to change! The coaches at CFC immediately recognized my struggles but eased my mind and insecurities. It was a very difficult hour, but I felt so much support from the coaches and regular members. That day was the beginning of my life change to becoming a better me and become part of family I never knew I had. Crossfit Crowned is focused on building a community that supports its family. Yes, everyone that walks through the door becomes part of the family. Thank you, CFC community,…love you guys!

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